Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Geek Night 09/22/2010

Over 15 people at Dallas Geek Night tonight.
  • Yujun paired with Paul Nelson on Yujun's CompAlgo
  • Eric Smalling and  Srini worked with some JBehave stuff.
  • Cosmin worked in Django/python to do a search of his twitter feed with a ThoughtWorker (Alistair).
  • Michael Perry paired with Sean Lynch on Correspondence (BDD testing).
  • Greg and Dhruv continued work on the SMTP testing framework with assistance from Jennifer Weingarten.
  • Graham Brooks and Jonathan Wolter
  • Noah Kriegel and Michael Rainey were doing something interesting (I assume) in the outer room.
  • Keith Swallow helped me with enhancing the JProxyGen tests.
  • Paul was making sure everyone was working on something.
Pizza again.

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