Thursday, September 16, 2010

Geek Night 09/15/2010

We had a dozen (baker's) people in and out last night at the ThoughtWorks Dallas (Addison) office.
  • Bill Schofield was working on his iPhone App and had to leave early.
  • Yujun Liang and I paired briefly on the JProxyGen project I started last week--then he had to leave and I continued on alone.
  • Paul Hammant was pairing with Michael Perry in C# on Michael's framework.
  • Greg Heartsfield and Dhruv Chandna were continuing work in Scala on Greg's SMTP testing project.
  • Dante lugged in a larger monitor and continued work on his networked video distribution project.
  • Eric Smalling and Cosmin Stejerean were working in Clojure on a utility to get the classpath from the manifest of a .jar file.
There were three other people (I believe all ThoughtWorkers) present but I neglected to get their names or what they were working on.

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