Wednesday, December 15, 2010

GeekNight 12/15/2010

Richard Jensen installed IntelliJ 10 Community Edition and puttered around a bit.
Paul Hammant gave a brief look at his stack trace reducer idea.
Paul Holser was working on his JUnit 'quick check' project.
Greg Heartsfield continued work on his 52-in-52 project--inducting newcomer Dhawal Shah.
Yujun Liang was present but left before disclosing his activities.
Cosmin Stejerean and Eric Smalling continued work on the Hudson build radiator.

This is our last Geek Night in Dallas for 2010. Happy Holidays everyone and a prosperous 2011!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Geek Night 12/08/2010

Our small band of intrepid open-sourcers met for another session.
  • Bill Schofield was present for a short time but had to leave early.
  • Greg Heartsfield spent most of the evening educating Richard Jensen on node.js and his book a week tracker (52-in-52).
  • Eric Smalling and Cosmin Stejerean worked on a Hudson build monitor.
  • Paul Hammant worked on an example of JBehave driving interaction with a website.
Are you in the north Texas area? We meet every Wednesday night at the ThoughtWorks office in Addison, TX.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Geek Night 12/01/2010

ThoughtWorkers barely outnumbered guests (5-4) due to a southern contingent arriving.

Bill Schofield and Eric Smalling worked in Objective-C (OpenGL) on shape drawing--think asteroids triangle.
Rodrigo Wolschick and Duda Dornelles (from TW Brazil) did some work in Groovy on groobe.
Richard Jensen shaved yaks. (Trying to figure out how to get a project perspective in eclipse for creating Firefox plugins).
Greg Heartsfield and Sebastien Blanc node.js application for book reading lists.
Paul Hammant and Chris Petersen were doing frequent git pulls from Greg's project--forcing him to make his project more accessible to newcomers.