Thursday, January 20, 2011

Geek Night 01/19/2011

Eight people came to work on open source tonight at the ThoughtWorks Dallas office.

  • Eric Smalling and Cosmin Stejerean were making enhancements to a Hudson (soon to be Jenkins?) EC2 plug-in.
  • Richard Jensen and Paul Nelson and Paul Hammant (and Misko Hevery online consult via Skype) worked on the angular version of a BDD story navigator/dashboard.
  • Tom Adams and Jack Carter continued work on Tom's jQuery version of the story navigator.
  • Latish Sehgalwas working on some enhancements to auto test for .Net and didn't have a pair. Any .Net programmers want to come next week and assist?
If you are in the Dallas (Addison) area on a Wednesday evening and want to do some open source or just hang out with other software geeks, come on by! Dallas Geek Night.

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