Thursday, January 6, 2011

Geek Night 01/05/2011

Note to self: After a two week hiatus, publicize the meetup!

I think this was the first Geek Night where the ThoughtWorkers present were outnumbered by the other attendees--well, at least by this margin- 2 to 1!

That's right--we had three people on this chilly January night.

Greg Heartsfield once again did the brunt of the pairing--showing read52 (nee 52-in-52) to Dhawal Shah.

I made sure we had pizza to consume and didn't make much progress on any open source myself.

We will (I'm sure) be back in the swing next week.
Anyone in the Dallas area interested in working on some open source -- or starting their own project -- check out Geek Night Dallas!

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