Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Geek Night 10/20/2010

We had twelve hardy open-sourcers this evening.
If you've seen any of my previous session reports a lot will look familiar.

  • Greg Heartsfield & Dhruv Chandna -- continued work on the mail test server.
  • Bill Schofield & Tim Jacobs -- continued the iPhone particle app.
  • Paul Hammant & Richard Jensen -- "did boring Java stuff" on JProxyGen.
  • Yujun Liang -- continued on Compalgo with JBehave.
Some new stuff:
  • Srini Raguraman attempted something using Guice on an Android project and helped Jennifer.
  • Jennifer Weingarten put a project (? details, Jen?) on github.
  • Tom Marsh & Jason Johnson -- Worked on Tom's Guardian Mobile project (unit testing javascript with qUnit).
  • Cosmin Stejerean --  bought some domain names (so he can start some more projects).

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